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You Should Send Someone A Gesture This Summer!

Ever hear of Christmas in July?

Yes, summer is the time to go out with your friends, family or even just on your own and enjoy the deliciously warm weather. Though, we also like to think that summer is a perfect time of year to send a few gifts to those in your life who you care for.

Do You Celebrate X-Mas In July?

There is a reason why so many people get a nostalgic feeling for the holidays during the summer season. Maybe it’s the longing for that feeling of love and coming together with friends and family that creeps up on us…Then some how we end up blasting X-mas music and being judged by those who pass us in the streets… Or maybe it’s the warm feeling that summer leaves on all of us, no pun intended.

Which ever be the reason you are getting the itch to celebrate the feeling, we highly encourage that you do. Of course, just sending someone a random gift will seem a bit random to the recipient, but the message behind it can leave a lasting impact.

How You Can Bring The X-mas Joy In Summer.

Say you are longing for a friend you have not seen in a while and you don’t have a way to reach out to them. It’s summer time, so why not send them a bottle of white wine? With the bottle you can attach a message telling them how you’ve missed them and would love to share this bottle with them.

Or maybe you and your significant other looking for something to celebrate this summer. Why not celebrate the you happiness share together with a bottle of champagne?

So, If you’re looking for a way to get around that judgment for blasting Christmas in the middle of summer. Or if you are just in the spirit of spreading a little bit of that celebratory feeling this summer, you should send a gesture.

Get started with sending those you love a Gesture by downloading our app today.

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