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Women In Tech: The Tech Diaries

Welcome to Women in Tech, here we’re tackling some of the most difficult issues facing the modern working woman: The Tech Industry. Each week we will be discussing a topic surrounding what it’s like to be a working woman in a seemingly male dominated work area.

The tech space is currently an area where even though many women are rising up in power, they also feel like they are being silenced when it comes to certain topics. So many women lack the confidence to speak up in a room that has been traditionally dominated by men. We want to change that narrative, which is why we launched the Women In Tech Initiative.

On October 22, 2019 we had our very first Women in Tech Initiative meeting. Led by developer Stephanie Abud, she introduced a space where the women in Gesture could rally together and find refuge to discuss any and all issues they are facing in the Tech space.

This meeting was the first of many down the road for the women and men on our team to help tackle these serious issues, educate the masses, and create strong allies within our community.

On Wednesdays we (don’t usually) wear pink! Our first Women in Tech Initiative meeting was led by developer Stephanie yesterday, shedding insight on Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as future topics to come among our fierce female team members! @sendagesture

Stick with us on our mission and journey in creating an atmosphere where women feel and know that they are a powerhouse of innovation.

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