• Alyssa Roberts

Why Is Employee Gifting Important?

There’s the whole of corporate gifting, there’s client gifting, but what is so important about employee gifting? Employees are a businesses most valuable asset (they account for 85% of a company's value!) and the treatment of its employees reflects the morals and integrity of the business. Employees carry the burden of determining an organization's pace of growth; they are certainly no blood-sucking vulture nor should they be perceived this way. The proper treatment of employees creates a comfortable work space that rewards employee's hard work. It's so so important to recognize your employees as the first customer of any organization as their performance and overall well being of the business organization is linked to a happy face at work. But be careful when gifting! One can sense whether a present is out of obligation, choosing a gift thoughtfully is key. Gifting makes employees feel more appreciated and ensures loyalty -- 45% say they are more likely to work there longer and produce better results.

Contribute to job satisfaction rather than to job dissatisfaction and include this thoughtfulness with all employee gifts. Junior staff often feel less appreciated than superiors due to the lack of effort. This alters an employee's connection with the business, giving them more reason to leave. In addition, employee gifting reduces turnover (the time-period it takes for an employer to fill an open company position, onboard and train new employees again!) When a business holds a reputation in caring for their employees, they’re more likely to have a lower turnover rate. People want to work where they feel valued and here at Gesture, we know exactly how to help!

  1. Wine & Spirits - Just like any client, any employee would appreciate a bottle of their preferred drink. It’s important to stay conscious of tastes, as well as lifestyle.

  1. Dinner - Show your employees how much you care by taking them out to a lovely restaurant!

  1. Spa Day - After all the time and effort your employees put into the company, a day of pure relaxation and bliss is warranted. Pay (this could also be a gift card) for a spa day or a masseuse!

  1. Gift Cards - These are great but they come with a forgotten catch: No matter how small the amount, they are considered cash equivalent and taxable by the IRS, otherwise known as De minimis. When choosing a gift card, make sure it’s specific to the recipient's interests. Just like with wine and spirits, options for employee gifts don’t hurt!

  1. Company Swag - is last because while it is great for meetings and corporate events, the overall employee gifting effect of branding diminishes during special occasions, holidays and birthdays. Keep it in mind, but don’t make it the go-to.

  2. Delegate to someone who specializes in employee gifting like Gesture for Business. You can sign-up for FREE now!


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