• Alyssa Roberts

Why Are Business Gifts Important?

Gifting is hard enough when it’s for a loved one, but when it’s for coworkers, employees, bosses and clients, the right gift seems even further away. And that’s okay because Gesture for Business is here to help you find the perfect business gift, but first, one needs to understand what exactly business gifting is and why it is so important.

Business gifting is when a company expresses appreciation for any employee or client by sending them something -- typically gift baskets and gift cards -- with no expectations or service fees. This is how corporations keep important relationships, as well as their workforce, strong. There are two notable types of business gifting, one which is gifting to employees and another to clients; stay tuned because the next two blogs delve into more detail about both! But why is this so important? Because people love feeling valued and they deserve to. This, in turn, shapes a comfortable and positive environment where achievement is rewarded. An unforgettable gift to a client creates a powerful connection that helps build customer loyalty and produces more revenue in the future for your business. Ultimately the respect a company has for its consumers and personnel leads to opportunity and brand recognition.

Here are some tips when searching for a sensational business gift:

  1. Do Research, whether that means creating a consumer survey determining preferred gifts or quite literally surfing the web.

  1. Don’t hesitate to splurge for your employee gifting: kindness always pays off in the long run and it will definitely keep them happy.

  1. Gift cards are great but they come with disadvantages: lack of redeeming value, near-cash tax implementations and company cost-control complications.

  1. Don’t be unrealistic, respect your client’s budget. Personalize gifts by paying close attention to how much they spend on your company.

  1. Provide gift options because this allows for a sense of balance between both parties.

  2. Don’t want to think about or manage corporate gifting? Sign-up for FREE at Gestures for Business now! We thought of business gifting for you already.


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