• Alyssa Roberts

Where does Mother's Day come from anyway?

Ah, Mother’s Day! A day where we take the time to acknowledge the hard working women in our lives that have given their all to and for us, since day one. It’s only right that you gift her the absolute best to show your love and appreciation for her. Flowers, Chocolates, maybe some wine? The list goes on packed with wonderful ideas, but here is the most definitive choice for doing Mother’s Day the best way.

Little known fact: Mother’s day has ties to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The most modern standard for the Mother’s Day festivities we’re all familiar with (at least in the United States) stems from the Christian Festival known as “Mothering Sunday'' which eventually merged with the American “Mother’s Day” sometime before the 1940s. Now, it’s the day with the most phone traffic all year. But, instead of a phone call what more can be done to show mom you love her? Well, if you’ve read this far, you probably know by now of this amazing app called “Gesture.” With the simplicity of ordering -- done in a mere few taps -- you can send a host of gifts to express the joy of Mother’s day.

Let’s up the ante and go beyond the cliche of the guilty-conscious-averting last minute phone call. With the convenience, simplicity and variety Gesture brings to the table, you can’t go wrong. Again, from wines, cupcakes and bouquets, the combinations are endless. To be quick and simple yet powerfully embody a sentiment of gratitude, flowers are the best bet. It’s already a well known fact that flowers are given to loved ones to further communicate human emotions. Whether it’s to show your unyielding love to a significant other or gratitude towards a friend, this May 9th, do it the right way and send mom a thoughtful Gesture of love.

Celebrate Mother's Day - Order Gesture Now!


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