• Rebecca Mackenzie

What Gesture We Would Send Each of The Avengers?

With Black Widow just coming out on Disney+ for streaming it had me thinking. If I were to send an Avenger a gift through Gesture, an on demand gift giving service, what would it be? Well after some consideration, and a binge watching of the movies, this is what I came up with.


Captain America (Steve Rodgers)

Steve Rodgers was the first Avenger. He became Captain American in 1941 during the war. I would give him a bottle of Rosé. This wine has the ability to lock you in a time capsule just like how Steve was frozen for 66 years and thawed in 2011.


Iron Man (Tony Stark)

What do you give a man who has everything and all the money in the world? Well after some careful observations throughout the movies I noticed that Tony is a wine connoisseur. So I would give him a red wine, more specifically, Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is popular, well-loved, rich and is very bold. Just like Tony.


Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

Before becoming an Avenger Natasha was a Russian spy. I would give her Nicolas Séchaud Chocolat Suisse. This swiss chocolate would give her a reminder of when she was living in Europe. This chocolate is anything but ordinary, just like her.



What do you give to a god? I would give Thor a bottle of champagne. This bubbly bottle fits him as he is the God of Thunder and the sparking bubbles are similar to the lighting he can strike down. Also, this bottle aromas and tastes will remind him of his beloved home, Asgard.


Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Brunce Banner and the Hulk are like two people living in one body. So it would make sense to give them one of the bundles Gesture has to offer. The chocolate and a charming bouquet of flowers would be my choice. That way they can enjoy the chocolates and maybe the Hulk will like the flowers and do Bruce a favor and come out when he needs him.


Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

Clint has a sharp eye and is always accurate and precise. He is also a husband and a father to three lovely children named Cooper, Lila, and Nathanial. I would send Clint a bouquet of lilies. These flowers would remind him of his daughter and bring him joy when he is at the Avengers headquarters in New York and far from home.


Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Even though Peter Parker was not a part of the original Avengers, during Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity war he was knighted as one. Peter is one of the sweetest and kind hearted Avengers. He is also witty and a lover of movies and pop culture. So I would send him a variety of handcrafted cupcakes. Not only are they sweet like him but each cupcake would be unique just like all of his one liners.

The Avengers each have vastly different personalities. So sending them just any gift won’t work. Thankfully, Gesture allows you to customize your gifts and make each of them special and one of a kind. Trying to find a gift to send someone to save the world is tough, but Gesture has a gift for that.


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