• Alyssa Roberts

What Do Employees Want?

Just as individuals have different desires, so do employees in the workplace. It’s so difficult to make everyone happy, but as an employer, the most important step is to try; begin by prioritizing what your employees want. As of March 2021, 34% of Americans felt undervalued at work. Ignorance and greed are often largely at play here and instead where surveys should be presented, discussions held and healthy environments created.

Not only are 34% of Americans feeling dissatisfied with their employment, but they find themselves in a competitive environment that rewards white men. 38% of Latinx and 46% of African Americans believe their true skill set is being ignored. Diversity is expected in the workplace, rewarding those on achievements in both professional and personal lives rather than race. Applying for a specific position is a great way to enter a specific field, but employees feel stagnant with the limitations of the description. Many people find that the environment provides very little room to grow in the field while feeling that the effort they exert is not compensated with reasonable wages and benefits.

No one wants to work an over-regulated position, forced to succumb to the limitations of what gradually presents itself as a dead-end job. Give your employees a reason to stay:

  • Flexibility: options are deeply valued and employees love choosing which location and which hours best suit their lifestyles and schedules. 83% of people pursue job offers that fulfill their locational and hourly preferences. Though many would much rather work closer to home even if it means a lower wage.

  • Results Over Hours: employees want to feel appreciated for their accomplishments. 86% of employees want a company that recognizes what they can do, the results they yield, over the time they put into it. Additionally, employees care about the holistic process of improving a business, but this is difficult when they are closely monitored. Forward-thinking companies will create a people-centric environment.

  • Diversity: employees want a diverse team consisting of people from all backgrounds and skill sets. 61% believe that diversity is essential in the workforce with 86% believing that diversity in importance as roles and skills change over time. This creates a more welcoming and inclusive environment with clear progression.

  • Individual Over Collective Recognition: very few people will reject praise for their hard work, but it’s important for employers to recognize the achievements of an individual. People want to feel appreciated for what they put into the company. The whole staff is composed of individuals. An undervalued employee is an unproductive employee.

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