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Wanna Wind Down With Some Wine This Weekend?

The weekend is finally upon us and there is no better feeling then being able to come home and kick back after a long week of work! Though, if you’re not totally tired from the long week and you were looking for a few good ways to kick it this weekend, we may have a few suggestions on how wine can be your number one way to chill out.

Pour Yourself A Glass Of Wine

Our first option for your wine down, would be to well, drink some wine. I mean, that’s pretty obvious, but to add a bit more flare to your wine filled wind down, maybe you can throw together a delicious dinner for two (or just you) and polish off a warm red.

Netflix & Chilled Wine

Maybe you’re more into the movies, well, grab your mom’s or your coworker’s best friend’s Netflix password and have yourself a movie marathon with a bottle of white wine as your company for the night.

Though, if you’re not a movie marathon kinda person, I highly recommend you binge watch The Office. To make it even more fun for yourself, take a sip every time Jim looks at the camera. Warning, you may run out of wine just on episode one.

Wine Service

Going over to your friend’s apartment for a dinner party this weekend but forgot your portion of food? Make up for it with a order of wine. Having it delivered will make you seem like the coolest, trendiest person in the room. I mean, hello, you literally had wine delivered to the door. You’re awesome.

Last Minute Wine

Take the similar situation but change up the idea a little bit…Maybe you forget that you were supposed to meet up with your friends that night for dinner and there is no way you’re getting out of bed. Send a bottle of wine, all of your troubles of feeling bad for not showing up will 100% leave your body the moment you hit send. Plus, your friends will think you’re the coolest person ever for having wine sent to their door.

If none of these ideas are doing it for you, then maybe a few of these wine puns will get you in the mood for some yummy vino.

“I hear you like wine, too. Grape minds think alike.”

“You’re wine in a million.”

“What kind of wine do they serve at the horse races? Chardon-neigh!”

OK, I think that’s enough puns for wine evening!

However you spend your weekend, we hope that we can help you wine down with a bottle of white or red.

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