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VIP Concierge and Custom Gift Experiences

There’s a hidden secret that will make your life so much easier and not too many people know about - Concierge: they make restaurant reservations (and inform you of the best happy hours), arrange for oasis like spa services, suggest wicked nightlife hot spots, and book any transportation arrangements and other itineraries travel experiences. Concierges maintain a positive and pleasant attitude to enhance your hospitality experience. Additionally, concierge businesses exist to assist in daily tasks as well but they differ from the concierges we all know at our favorite hotels and resorts. A hotel concierge is responsible for providing a more custom experience for guests, including but not limited to various arrangements of celebratory anniversary or birthday treats such as chocolates, aged alcoholic beverages with detailed personal letters expressing appreciation and care, and other itinerary travel experiences such as dining reservations, tickets to shows, and more.

Gesture for Business is a fast, safe and easy gift delivery platform that works hand-in-hand with brilliant VIP Concierges to create the experience to properly welcome deeply valued customers, clients and employees. Many customers prefer name-brand items including Tiffany’s Champagne flutes, Veuve Clicquot Champagne bottles, and delicious authentic swiss chocolates. While Gesture for Business gift experiences include quality papyrus letters, AVO cigars, 15 year old bourbon bottles, Dom Perignon champagnes, Caymus reds, French heirloom whites, and more. It is indeed the VIP concierge who organizes all of the above extravagant gifts, separately or in one bundle, meticulously and twice as easy and fast as it would take anyone else to do simple or not so simple gifting on-demand. Gesture for Business VIP Concierge designs your Gesture gift arrangement, afterwards the dedicated packaging team makes sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted in order for your custom Gesture gift to look extra special for your value client or top producing employee. Gesture dedicated professional courier hand delivers your custom Gesture gift or Gesture VIP Concierge arranges another way for a safe and easy shipping, the finishing touch -- a silk ribbon and swirling black ink across quality papyrus with your personalized message that will have your phone ringing off the hook from all the love and appreciation after your client or employee gets your custom Gesture.

Whatever your client, employee or even investor desires, however elevated the taste, Gesture’s VIP Concierge dedication yields the finest goods for the finest occasions or custom extravagant gift experiences.

Discover our Gesture for Business VIP Concierge services today.


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