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In case you didn't know, Gesture is one of the leaders in what is known as the gift-tech industry. Gesture provides gifting and personal delivery services better than any other company out there. We decided to gather some of our data and share with you the "Top 5" most popular Valentine's day gifts, and how Gesture can help you do Valentines Day differently this year!

Gesture allows to get personal in your Valentine's day gifting. What's the point of sending a gift and never knowing what the person thinks, or how it made them feel?

We have an answer for that. Gestures G-Feed (similar to the feed on Instagram) lets you send and receive gifts with a venmo-like feel. Our users share everything from the dozen of red roses with their personalized selfie and digital message, to the box of chocolates and balloons they received as a surprise during their work day. You definitely want to check it out for yourself. Just visit the link below.

We listed the top 5 most common Valentine's day gifts, and how Gesture can help you do it differently!


Flowers never disappoint, they're beautiful and symbolize gratitude from someone who cares.


This is a perfect choice for that "sweet" someone with loves chocolate treat.


To pair with a beautiful candlelit dinner, you can never go wrong with a choice selection of a handpicked red, or white by our trained G-Runners.


Celebrate love, or anything for that matter. Enjoy a bottle of bubbly to that person you're excited to see at the end of every long day.

Cakes or Cupcakes

Enjoyed together, or alone, a sweet treat that is sure to crush the craving of any sweets tooth! Available in multiple flavors.

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