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Understanding Your Work Atmosphere

Did you know that the atmosphere you create for your business and workspace actually affects how well your company will succeed? A study conducted by The American Institute of Stress showed that a stressful work environment is cause for 50% of turnover rate.

So What Exactly Is A Work Atmosphere?

Great question, though I’m sure with some thought, you’d probably be able to figure it out. But just incase you were still a little confused on what a work atmosphere is, let us break it down for you in the best way we know how.

If you google a work atmosphere, you’ll encounter this definition: “The combination of internal and external factors that influence a company’s operating situation.” Which if you ask me, that definition is a pretty broad way to describe what exactly a work atmosphere is. So, let’s break it down a little bit further.

A work atmosphere can compromise of so many factors that work together to build out your everyday experience while at work. These factors, depending on the environment and nature of your business, typically break down into these few categories.


Employees are those individuals who make up your teams. They supplement the needs of your team by taking on certain roles and help one another achieve single or collective goals for the company.


Work place leaders, individuals who are put in place to create structure and lead your teams towards their overall goals.


The expectations in your atmosphere can be the expectation of your team to up keep a certain amount of work load / productivity. To produce a certain quality of work or overall to maintain a requirement that is

Social Trends

The actions happening in your work place that can rule how your team members behave around one another. Who talks to who, where lunch is held, events that take place in the office, etc.

Can You Recognize The Faults in Your Work Atmosphere?

Sometime’s things at work place can be a lot worse than we’d like to admit to ourselves. In really terrible cases, some people don’t even know how bad the atmosphere is until they are pushed to the point of rage quitting.

Just like those working individuals who don’t notice how bad things have gotten until they’ve reached their breaking point, many employers are just as oblivious to the issues being presented to them.

We’d like to help you avoid these kinds of situations by helping you understand where in your space the atmosphere may have gotten tainted, and how you can better read the signs in the future to prevent these kinds of situations from happening again.

How Can You Make Improvements?

Positive Affirmations, Intentions & Actions.

According to studies found by The Harvard Business Review, keeping a more positive feeling in your business atmosphere can boost overall morale by 20%.

In their studies, they found that a successful workplace culture comes down to these, six essential characteristics:

  1. Caring for, being interested in, and maintaining responsibility for colleagues as friends.

  2. Providing support for one another, including offering kindness and compassion when others are struggling.

  3. Avoiding blame and forgive mistakes.

  4. Inspiring one another at work.

  5. Emphasizing the meaningfulness of the work.

  6. Treating one another with respect, gratitude, trust, and integrity.

Create Clear Communication.

Any good relationship starts with a healthy foundation of good communication, so why wouldn’t you have that at work?

Communication within a team means way more than just emailing, or catching up on your weekly reports. There are a multitude of layers to communication that really create positive change.

Luckily for you, we’ve already covered this topic in full, we went through all of the research papers and found the 6 communication “layers” we think you should be implementing to your teams in order to create clear communication.

Check out our article all about communication to dive deeper into ways you can boost the communication in your team.

While all of these categories should be discussed regularly with your team members. The best way to ensure you are continuously building a healthy work atmosphere is to use them as your prevention tactics.

Daily practices of good communication, compassion and flexibility will yield the most optimal results.

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