• Alyssa Roberts

To Surprise or Not to Surprise, That Is The Question.

The easiest way to send over a surprise is totally up for debate with all of the different gifting services that have been introduced in the past few years. One platform that definitely delivers on their end of the deal, and in a few taps at that, is Gesture. With a wide and affordable variety of options, you're at liberty of composing that perfect gesture of affection. But what about surprise gifting?

Let’s face it: we all enjoy a great surprise every now and then. Sure, companies tend to offer the option, albeit a bit not so conspicuously shown, to add a special sort of gift wrapping onto the item you are buying. But exactly how effective is that element of surprise? Oftentimes, gifting by surprise is a gamble; shot in the dark of sorts because you are risking sending an unwanted gift. Then, the entire idea falls flat. The best perspective in instances like these is mindfulness and preparation.

To put it simply: listening is key to gifting. The feeling of getting something out of the blue from someone, especially when you mentioned it in passing, is always fun. When using Gesture to surprise someone, make sure the recipient will be at the given address for at least 2.5 hours after placing your order. This way, you budget enough time in case there are any delays. Gesture delivers in as fast as one hour. No need to worry about getting something specific or too expensive; if you're taking a gamble and you’re not concerned if the recipient gets it or not because they aren't there, it's under $30 all in -- after all it's the gesture that counts not the gift. Schedule your Gesture today!


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