• Alyssa Roberts

Tired of Tossing Tulips in the Trash Next Morning?

Honestly, nothing satisfies quite like receiving a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Especially when your bouquet comes from that one special person; there isn’t really anything that says “I care” more. But when that bouquet gives out over time, that unrivaled emotion fades, losing its impact and diverging from the moment that cupid-sent delivery first arrived. So, is there a way to make that feeling (and bouquet, of course!) last longer? Here are a few foolproof ideas to make sure those petals don’t age to the metal.

Flowers are delicate, but with some surprisingly convenient household remedies, you can extend the longevity of their beauty. From tons of theories of tried-and-true, some of the flower longevity methods are -- blooming with intrigue, to put it lightly. The range can be narrowed down from worst to best though. For example, a “method” being hairspray applied to your flowers. This one goes without saying and you should outright dismiss anything that falls into the same realm of thought. Soda, on the other hand, may sound odd, but interestingly enough, supported healthy and fresh looking flower growth over the course of a ten-day study with only ¼ a cup of soda poured into a bouquet. It is said that the sugar in soda makes a flower smell exceptionally sweeter.

The best method, however, is simply putting your bouquet into the fridge every night before going to bed -- for about eight hours. Since flowers thrive in cooler temperatures, this factor works hand-in-hand with the process of aging, being slowed down in lower temperatures. Amazingly easy, right? So, if you want to keep your Gesture bouquet presentable, healthy and a constant pleasant reminder of how much you mean to someone: treat it with the same care they stand for and refrigerate them! But before all that, send a Gesture; send happiness now!


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