• Billie Wintrode

This is What Every Sagittarius Wants For the Holidays!

It's Zodiac Time!

Welcome to our first Zodiac themed blog where we offer Gesture recommendations that suit your sign. What better way is there to figure out what someone wants then by analyzing their personality traits?

This week's blog is all about Sag season! Let's talk about our independent, funny, and adventure loving friends!


The Saggitarius symbol itself is resembled by a centaur named Chiron holding a bow and arrow. Chiron is often seen as resembling both qualities of wisdom and bravery. This sense can for sure be seen in Sagittarius' as they constantly invest themselves into many differing activities!

Sagittarius' are all about chasing that next adventure and creating those picturesque memories. Often times they are the ones planning long trips allowing you to just sit back and chillax! Their strong sense of independence leads some to find them a bit off-putting at times but don't let that fool you! They keep up a compassionate composure for their true homies. They often do what they want, when they want, like a freaking boss!

While they may be independent, at the end of the day all a Sagittarius really wants is to sit down and spend quality time with their loved ones. That's why we've decided that their perfect Gesture is: The "Oh I Know". The "Oh I Know" is a premium bottle of red wine, one that we know any Sagittarius will not only love drinking but also love sharing! A bottle of red wine is a necessity when planning the perfect adventure. So why not let them take a break from the planning this year and plan out their perfect gift with Gesture.


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