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The Thoughtful Project

Here at Gesture, we pride ourselves in our mission to spread the idea of a more thoughtful culture. As you’ve probably gathered in our previous blogs, we are pretty passionate about incorporating the idea of thoughtfulness in the work place, to friends, loved ones, or anyone you may come across in life.

Though, it is a beautiful idea to think that our blogs, social media, and of course our product, could do it all to make NYC become a more thoughtful place. We knew that our beautiful idea, could only take us so far. That’s when a beautiful idea, sparked into a beautiful course of action, the Thoughtful Project.

What Is The Thoughtful Project?

The thoughtful project is our way to physically get out on the streets of NYC, and spread the message of a more thoughtful culture. Each week we rally up a group from our team, load them with a bunch of roses, and send them out into town to spread the message of a more thoughtful culture.

The Purpose?

You may be tired of the phrase by now, but it’s all to ignite a more thoughtful culture in our communities. We live in a world where a lot of the time, people forget the simplicity, and pure joy that comes about when making someone smile. Making something like doing something kind for someone else for no reason, a more regular action, will change the world. It will remind others that they are capable of so much more kindness than they know. Along with the reminder it, hopefully, will igniting the flame for people to take more thoughtful actions in their communities.

How Can I Be Part Of The Thoughtful Project?

Sparking the idea that anyone can do something for another human being that can make them smile, or just make their day that much brighter is the end goal. So, in reality, anyone can be part of the thoughtful project. All you have to do is preform a random act of kindness. Be it you hold a door open for a friend, give someone you love a hug, or if you’re like us and give out flowers to total strangers, just do something thoughtful.

Want to join us on our mission? Tag us on Instagram with #Thoughtfulproject so we can see the joy you’ve shared around your community.

Here are a few snippets from our Thoughtful Project installments :

“T’his is the beginning of our “Thoughtful Project:” our VP of Logistics surprised this unsuspecting couple with some kind Gestures: two lovely flowers. Their joy was priceless. ☺️ Follow our team members as they hit the streets of NYC spreading smiles and Gestures. Experience this journey as we build & deliver a more thoughtful culture! 🌍” @sendagesture
“Thoughtful Project installment, we continue to spread our message with random acts of kindness. Our wonderful marketing team gifted surprise roses to this unsuspecting pair, bringing out these infectious smiles! 🌹” @sendagesture

Follow us on Instagram, as we continue our mission to spread a more thoughtful culture to the people of NYC.

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