• Ben Labra

The Psychology of Gift-Giving: The Helpers High

Since the beginning of time, gifting has been a primary human function. The small, humane ways to connect to the people and world around us have created a culture of connectivity and love. Whether it’s a grand surprise or a spontaneous bouquet to show someone you’re thinking of them, it’s no secret that people love to give and receive gifts. But did you know gifting has physical health benefits for the giver too?

The Helpers High

The psychology of generosity is a long-studied topic with one clear conclusion- altruism is good for you! Dr. Scott Bea found that giving gifts is associated with lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, and lower stress levels.

Professor Michael Poulin at the University of Buffalo even found that altruism can lead to a longer life expectancy- more specifically, the more folks helped others and provided compassion, the lower their stress and the better their overall health.

The so-called ‘helper’s high’ that comes with generous acts even generally has a ripple effect. The association between generosity and pleasure, trust, and social connections that gifting gives someone makes them even more likely to gift again and makes the recipient more likely to reciprocate with their act of kindness, either to the sender or to someone else.

Start a cycle of positive karma and biological/psychological wellness by sharing happiness with someone else today- all it takes is a few dollars to strengthen your mind, body, and relationships. Don’t know where to start? That’s Ok, download our app or head on over to our website to see how we can help you share some happiness with those in your life!

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