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The Psychology of Gift-Giving: How To Take it From #Stressed to #Blessed

We all know gifting is an amazing way to show others you care about them- the satisfaction of seeing a loved one light up when they receive the perfect thing is one of the best feelings there is.

However, various studies show that along with the satisfaction comes a lot of stress- from the overwhelming amount of choices available to the average consumer to the pressure to get it right and the amount of time. According to a survey by Littlewoods.com, women spend an average of 14 hours searching for a gift for their partners, and online retailer Rakuten found that almost 75% of Americans dislike the gifts they receive!

Taking it From #Stressed to #Blessed

Gifting doesn’t have to be stressful though, and often, it’s better to gift smarter, not harder. Research by Mary Steffel, Elanor Williams, and Robyn LeBoeuf has shown that although specific and personal gifts are appreciated when they match the recipient’s needs at the time, they can often fall short due to a ‘mismatch’ between the recipient’s expectations and the gifter’s perception of what the recipient needs.

What’s a Stressed Out “Gifter” To Do?

One thing most research agrees on is that an experience or something out of the blue is one way to surprise a recipient. Dr. Darlene Silvernail at South University says “Gifts don’t have to be huge monetary things to make everyone feel good.” Whether it’s a bottle of bubbly to celebrate an occasion or a spontaneous bouquet to show someone you’re thinking of them, the emotional connection between the sender and recipient will likely grow beautifully.

With on demand gift delivery to most major cities and a well-curated selection of gestures to please even the pickiest recipient, Gesture’s got your next gift covered! All it takes is a few minutes to make someone smile while keeping yourself stress-free 🙂


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