• Ben Labra

The Power of Thank You

Whether you tackle a full-time career or a part-time job, you’ll probably notice that the majority of your time is consumed by work agenda. This can make it extremely difficult to set time aside to grab that last minute birthday present, or purchase a small dessert before visiting a friend’s house.

When your attempt is successful, nothing is more satisfying than a grateful recipient. Although “Thank You” is a simple phrase, it shows that your recipient has acknowledged the efforts given to deliver your selected gift. It shows that your recipient feels worthy and valued, which is why we partake in such a simple gesture; to emphasize someone’s importance.

Imagine the time when your recipient was ungrateful for the gift they received. Did they ask for a gift receipt? Was a sly comment made about the item you purchased? Was it quickly disregarded as they moved onto the next gift? If any of the above, you surely did not feel appreciated. The power of giving and gratitude go hand in hand.

Before you send those flowers, make sure your recipient is one to be thankful for a kind gesture. Think about your recipient’s attitude, and if they are truly deserving of that champagne bottle you’re considering.

Thank you for entrusting in us to deliver your special gift.

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