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The Power Behind A Gift

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but it can surely reinforce how often you think about that special person. Whether the gift be simple or expensive, it’s always the genuine thought that truly counts.

According to the website PsychologyToday, psychologist O. Henry, found that generous gift giving revealed a more rewarding effect on the neurons in the brain, than receiving a gift. Can you validate his findings? Do you feel like a better person performing a good deed, or simply “give” because it’s the expected action to take? Regardless of your intentions, consider the following the next time you decide to send a gift!

There’s a feeling of self-gratification when you’re the one who is doing the gift-giving. This is in no way comparable to a gift’s monetary value. Since we were younger, we have learned that a simple act can provide a good response. Gift-giving is a way to strengthen relationships. Whether it be romantically or for friendship, showing the other person how much you care for them is important for relationship growth. Deciding to give gifts that will specifically elevate that person’s happiness, should be your goal when deciphering on which gift to choose from.

Life’s milestones are special periods of a person’s life, that should always be acknowledged. There is no age limit for gift giving or receiving gifts. Everyone is deserving of happiness, especially those who share a special bond with you. Gift-giving during these moments enables the receiver to recognize their accomplishments and value. It creates higher levels of self esteem, importance, and gratitude.

If actions speak louder than words, it’s never not an appropriate time to give a simple gesture of kindness. South University in Florida conducted a study which revealed that when a person gives a gift expecting nothing in return, it improves one’s psychological health. It also reduces feelings of guilt and wrong doing.

Studies also emphasize that the item you give to your significant other, is not even comparable to the importance of gift giving in the first place. Since these claims have been proven valid, why not give more gifts at an affordable rate? Show your friend that you haven’t seen in months that you still think of her! Let your significant other know that they’re on your mind. Choose Gesture to be a part of your gift giving experience!

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