• Billie Wintrode

The Perfect Gift for ANY Capricorn!

It's Zodiac Time!

Welcome back to our Zodiac themed blog series where we offer Gesture recommendations that suit your sign. Let the moon and the stars point you to the perfect gesture for any zodiac!

This week's blog is all about Capricorns baby! So let’s jump right into a bit of info regarding our ambitiously disciplined yet sensitive friends.


The tenth zodiac sign is symbolized as a Sea Goat which is meant to resemble the Sumerian god of wisdom and waters, Enki. This sense of wisdom can be understood after observing a Capricorn’s personality as they tend to embody fearless ambition, leaving them with an absurd amount of life experience.

Due to their willful nature Capricorn’s can be seen as do-ers. Whether its problem solving, taking action, or coming up with practical ideas, Capricorn’s will always have an answer. While Capricorns love to help they definitely won’t lie to you. Capricorn’s are notorious for telling it like it is no matter who it is they’re talking to! They exude confidence and humility which ultimately make them perfect leaders. Some notable Capricorns are Michelle Obama, Lebron James, Kate Middleton, and John Legend.

While Capricorns can appear standoffish or reserved due to their inability to sugarcoat, they will always exhibit the utmost loyalty to those closest to them. That’s why we’ve decided their perfect Gesture is: “Roses Knows Best!” While they tend to be on top of any situation everyone needs a break and Capricorns are no exception! “Roses Knows Best” will allow any Capricorn to know that it’s okay to take some time and smell the roses; even if it’s just for a moment or two. Check out the Gesture App to grab some roses for all your Capricorn companions today!


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