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The Love Language of Flowers: What Your Bouquet REALLY Means

Historically, flowers have always been a classic and beautiful gift for just about any occasion and recipient. A bouquet is a lovely way to show someone you’re thinking of them, and every bouquet has a different symbol or emotion attached to it.

Since the 19th century, various florists have had a hand in creating the intricate art of floriography, the language of flowers and their meanings, and used them to send gifts with secret meanings. After all, what’s more romantic than sending someone a bouquet that has both beauty and meaning to it? We thought we’d share a few extra-special floral “meanings” for your next occasion!


Roses are a symbol of love and passion, and mixing different colors give roses an even more complex meaning. Send red roses to convey love and romance, orange roses to show enthusiasm and fascination, yellow roses for friendship, or white roses for innocence/purity!


A gift of cheery sunflowers is perfect for brightening up anyone’s day, and different cultures attribute lovely meanings to them. They traditionally symbolize adoration and loyalty, though they can also signify vitality, good fortune, happiness, and friendship.


Lilies are an elegant flower that typically represents refined beauty and purity. Pink lilies are a display of femininity and adoration, orange lilies bring confidence and energy, yellow lilies are a show of friendship, and red lilies show love and passion.

Can’t decide on just one kind of flower? A bright mixed bouquet might be the perfect unique gift for a message that conveys everything you can’t put into words.

Regardless of who you’re sending flowers to or why, Gesture has everything you need to send your recipient a smile!

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