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The Gesture App Just Got Some SWEET New Features!

Now that Gesture 3.0 is here, we would like to take some time to show off two new and exciting features.

No Address Needed Delivery

Our goal is to revolutionize online gifting by making it unique and utterly seamless. With the new Gesture App 3.0 Update we've minimized the amount of time spent on tedious technicalities. Gesture 3.0 now allows users to send a gift without needing their recipients address, all you need is the person's username! This is all thanks to our No Info Needed Algorithm (NINA). Upon creating an account, NINA securely links your delivery address to your username, allowing senders to only need your username when sending a Gesture; keeping your address ABSOLUTELY private.

Furthermore, after downloading the Gesture 3.0 App you'll immediately realize the new update provides users with much more control over the gifts they receive! Before a gift is sent out, the Gesture App notifies the recipient of the incoming gift, giving them the ability to select a different date and/or time slot. Recipients are even allowed to deny the gift! After all, it is your gift, shouldn't you be in control?


No matter the situation, Gesture strives to help our users. We know it's impossible to remember important dates or events. That's why we created G-Reminder! With G-Reminder our goal is to ease any unneeded stress. G-Reminder acts as a smart calendar. All you have to do is schedule the date and time you wish to have your Gesture delivered, a personalized message, and most importantly your chosen Gesture! Want it programmed to remind you a month from now? What about a year? NO PROBLEM! It's that simple.

Download the Gesture App and let online gifting become that much easier!


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