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The Best Spots In Atlanta To Send A Gesture

Disclaimer: Due to the recent events of COVID-19, we recommend you please take all precautions, as reported by the CDC and the WHO, to avoid your exposure to the virus.

Atlanta, Georgia is the place where people go to have a great time and make memories. From exploring an amazing aquarium to being immersed in old southern culture, and now sending a Gesture.

Since launching in Atlanta this April first, we’d thought we’d celebrate by showing you some of our favorite places in this beautiful city that we’d not only hang out in but places that you’d be able to make someone’s day a little extra special with the help from us!

World of Coca-Cola

Our first stop if the world of Coca-cola! After you’ve explored the amazing history behind this world famous fizzy drink, why not make this adventurous day a little more sweet with a Gesture?

Georgia Aquarium

Next on our list is actually just a swim away from our first stop, the Georgia Aquarium. Here you can experience the wonders of the sea while never having to set foot on a boat or in a submarine! This wonderful place allows you to say hello to some wonderfully cared for critters, while you get to

Centennial Olympic Park

Spend your day at the beautiful Centennial Olympic Park with some friends or family and enjoy what this beautiful place has to offer! With it’s scenic landscape and local vendors, this place is perfect for a walk, or even picnic!

Looking to make your day out a little more memorable? Surprise that special someone with a hand delivered Gesture.

SkyView Atlanta

Enjoy the views of downtown Atlanta from on top of the world! Well, maybe not the top of the world, but it is one of the highest points of the city and the view will absolutely feel out of this world. Then maybe when you touch back down to earth, you could have a gesture there waiting to wow your friends or loved ones.

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