• Alyssa Roberts

The Art of Communication

The concept of communication is mind-boggling. It sounds so easy: how hard is it to explain your needs, ask a question, express feelings?


It’s Very hard.

Communication has multiple definitions: “The successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings,” falls under definition number one. It seems rather broad BUT, fear not -- Gesture is here!

Communicating is another great skill that comes from experience (don’t we know it). It’s not always easy sharing even miniscule details because most of the time, they don’t feel important. It requires consistent awareness which deeply contradicts our bodies natural autopilot state and the number one reason we walk into a room dumbfounded and leave. Communication has a range and the fine line between too much unnecessary detail and omitting important information is hard to navigate. Oddly enough, the number one cause of miscommunication is due to excess information. When bombarded with words, the key details are overlooked. Then it turns into a he-said, she-said, they-said ordeal - my favorite!

The most notorious causes of miscommunication (and if I’m guilty):

  • Being Vague: Not Guilty

  • Excess Communication: Not Guilty

  • Making Assumptions: Not Guilty

  • Lacking Context: Not Guilty

  • Wrong Audience: Not Guilty

  • Confusing Typos: Not Guilty

  • Wrong Tone: Not Guilty

  • Punctuation Errors: Not Guilty

So...what is the art of communication? Simple: Don’t.

Makeup for a rookie mistake with a vague message and excess cupcakes. Send a Gesture today!


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