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Take Our Quiz To See What Kind Of Valentine’s Day Gesture You Are?

Whether you’re single or have a s.o this Valentine’s day, we all know that everyone has a preference as to what they’d like to get from a lover or from themselves this February 14. Though, for those select few who are still wondering what they’d like to receive this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

Take our quick quiz below and tally up your answers to see what gesture you’d most likely like to get this Valentine’s Day!

Which Location Would You Most Likely Be Found?

A. Out on the farm

B. By the ocean

C. Lost in a city

D. At home

What Are You Having For Breakfast?

A. Toast, waffles, pancakes… the works

B. Acai bowl

C. I don’t have time for breakfast

D. Coffee or Tea with some kind of toast

Pick A Scenery?

A. A peaceful lake in the field

B. Pier by the ocean

C. City sky line

D. My cozy bedroom

Choose A First Date?

A. Ice cream date

B. Pizza date

C. Coffee date

D. Netflix and Chill

Which Series Would You Binge?

A. The Witcher

B. American Horror Story


D. Locke & Key


Mostly A’s …

36 White Roses

Your gesture of choice is 36 white roses! White roses can symbolize a new beginnings and everlasting love, kind of like your views on life. You love setting roots with those in your life and making warm life long memories with those you love.

Mostly B’s …


Your gesture is a glassybaby! You love to set the atmosphere, your go with the flow vibe and chill persona! Much like a glassybaby which helps send a warm and loving message to those who receive it, you are the warmest person in the room that everyone wants to be around.

Mostly C’s …

Moet & Chandon

You gesture is a bottle of Champagne! You are the person that lights up a room when you arrive. The life of the party till the last person has left and the first one up in the AM to get the day started on a positive note. You pop and fizz just like a bottle of bubbles!

Mostly D’s …

Assorted Chocolates

Your gesture is assorted chocolates! You are the sweetest person anyone has ever and its difficult for anyone to dislike your mood lifting personality. Just like the assorted chocolates, you’re the perfect treat to beginning or end of anyone’s day!

Which Gesture did you end up being for Valentine’s Day? Did you tie for more than one category? Or maybe you just totally disagree with your results?

Regardless of your answer, just remember, if you’re going for a Galentine’s occasion, Netflix & Chillin’ with a loved one, or flying totally solo this Feb 14th, we hope your day is filled with all the love you deserve.

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