• Ben Labra

Summer Memories That Will Last A Life Time

It’s 75 degrees outside, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. You know what that means? SUMMER! Yes summer is finally here and we can not wait for you to get out there and start ticking off some of the things on your bucket list.

Though, while you are planning your summer adventures, we’d like to talk about the smaller moments of summer that will really leave a lasting impact.

Maybe you have a date planned out with your crush, or you’re having a fun day off with your friends around the city? Why not add a little extra happiness to your plans with a gesture?

While you’re out with your mom and you want to wow her with a fresh delivery of roses. Say you’re having a nice picnic or enjoying brunch with your friends, order a bottle of wine to share without having to leave your perfect spot. Maybe you and your crush ended your date with a magical first kiss. Send them a bottle of bubbly to remember the feeling you both shared.

These moments are the one’s you’ll look back on in ten years. Even though you might not remember the color of your shirt or the places you were going, you will remember the happiness you felt there. We just want to be there to help make those memories last through the years.

So what do you say? Whatever you’re doing this summer, let us here at Gesture, help make it a summer you’ll remember fondly.

Download Gesture today and start making those memories.

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