• Ben Labra

Summer Is The Time For Magic

For most people Summer, is the best time of year.

A lot of people say the best things in life happen during the summer time. It could have something to do with the summer sun, the warmer nights or the over all atmosphere of freedom that comes with the season.

Whatever the reason that resonates best with you, we’d like to think it’s all because of the summer magic. As silly as it may sound, summer magic is real and has affected many people here in NYC and all over the world.

What Makes Summer So Memorable?

Think about it, look back at all of the summer’s you’ve experienced over the years. Maybe you fell in love with someone and it burst into a summer romance? Did you and your friends go on a spontaneous adventure filled trip? Or maybe you went through a period of sorrow that made you reflect on the importance of who you are and those around you.

Iconic Summer Songs You Need To Hear.

Whatever your most memorable memory is, it’s most likely because it was in the summer. I mean, if you still don’t believe me, have you listened to any song ever?

Summer Nights, by John Travolta Sun is Shining, by Bob Marley Summertime Sadness, by Lana Del Ray Here Comes the Sun, by The Beatles.

So many artist use the summer to bring their stories to life and it helps the emotions they have relayed into their music relate with those who are listening!

How Will You Make Magic Memories?

So why not take this time to reflect on the beauty of life and the people who are in your life? Can you remember any enchanting memories? Do you have a summer song that brings out the magic in you? Or maybe this is the summer where things will happen that will stay with you for a life time.

Why not spread a little bit of magic this summer with a Gesture?

Download our app and make a believer out of someone you know with a little bit of summer charm.

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