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Stay Active… But Away From the Gym

Four months without the gym is a significant enough period to feel like the gains have been lost. Sometimes, during lockdown, it feels like the only period of physical activity we get is walking to the fridge. After a few months of that, you may start to feel antsy. You may even be missing the pain of squatting and pull-ups (who woulda’ thought?).

The gym is one of the most high-risk places to be during the pandemic, and maybe you don’t *really* want to risk it. We’ve compiled a genius list of what you can do instead of lifting weights inside of a germ fest.

Set bodyweight workout goals

This is the cheapest and most convenient option. Bodyweight workouts may not feel as intense as squatting 300 lbs, but we promise that they are just as important and incredibly effective in building strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. This time away from the gym can actually serve as a time to give your body a rest from more intense weightlifting activity. Bodyweight workouts can help build up your body to be less injury-prone, thus making your return even better and safer. Here are 53 at-home workouts to include in your routine. Go from 0 push-ups to 100 real quick (metaphorically, but literally if you’re up for it)!

Utilize resistance bands

Resistance bands are incredible for any and every level of fitness. They’re much better for your joints than weights and work muscles that do not usually receive attention. You can incorporate them into classic workouts such as squats or emulate pull-up movements, or you can get creative with them! There’s an endless amount of possibilities, but here are 20. If you don’t own any, this is the perfect time to invest. Here is an extensive set of bands from a purposeful and ethical company; feel free to explore the site for any other consciously made fitness products.

Free Nike workouts

Nike’s apps, Nike Run App and Nike Training Club, are two incredible and free resources for beginning and advanced athletes. They have a plethora of tools to help you advance your fitness game, such as guided runs, trainers, and workouts for every goal and fitness level. They even have workouts with world-famous athletes, such as soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and Carli Lloyd! Not only does it feel like you’re training with your favorite athletes, but you’re getting a world-class booty kicking workout too.

Get involved with a sport

Whether you decide to buy your first basketball or frisbee ever, or dust off and pump up that soccer ball that’s been in your garage for years, this is a time like no other to learn new skills and sport. Sports give a great balance of cardio and strength, and every drill you could dream of is available on YouTube.

Be in nature

Once in awhile, trade the resistance bands in for hiking shoes. Long nature walks/runs/hikes can be healing for the soul and the body. They can be as challenging or easy as you choose, but you’re still getting in the steps, and Earth’s natural beauty surrounds you! Just make sure to spray on plenty of sunscreen, water, and bug spray. Wherever you are in the world, make sure you take time to appreciate the beautiful landscape our planet has to offer while taking care of your body.

To spice up these things even more, change your location every once in a while! If you’re spending too much time in your backyard or nearby high school turf field, try going to a new park instead. With all these options, you can never run out of things to do. And don’t forget to reward yourself at the end of the day while you watch the sunset with a little Gesture!

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