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Spring Facts Have Sprung- It’s Tulip Season

Are the warmer weather and longer, sunnier days what you await most each spring season? Is it the clearer skies and desire to spend most of your time outdoors? How about the blooming trees and flowers; which are your favorite? And why?

Speaking of flowers — tulips are a popular flower during every spring season; specifically for the Easter holiday. According to the website ProFlowers, white tulips are symbolic for forgiveness, while purple tulips represent loyalty. Red tulips represent an endless love, and yellow tulips symbolize a hopeless love. Regardless of colors, all tulips represent love, belief, and passion.

An interesting note on tulips is their place of origin. Tulip bulbs used to be so valuable in Turkey, that they were used as a form of currency for a time, until the tulip market crashed. Tulips remain a popular flower of choice because of their versatility and diverse color spectrum.

Fast Facts

The word “tulip” means turban in Turkish, and associates itself to the flower’s turban-like shape. The turkish people would often decorate their turbans with tulip stems.

Unlike other flowers, tulips are self-sufficient. They begin as bulbs, rather than seeds. They are a storing house for their own nutrients. If one were to store a tulip in a cold place, such as a refrigerator for up to 12 weeks, it can force an early blooming stage.

There are 150 species of tulips that exist, with over 3,000 different varieties.

The tulip is an almost perfectly symmetrical flower. A flower consists of three petals and three sepals. Since the sepals are almost adjacent in size and shape to the petals, tulips appear to have six petals to one bulb.

Tulips are actually a part of the Lily family.

The streaking that covers petals of some tulips, was originally caused by a viral infection. Today, this unique color effect that is found on some tulips, is a result of breeding.

Tulips have a sweet scent, that are sometimes used to fragrance the interior of a home. If one desires a spicy scent, the yellow and bronze-orange tulips are the colors to choose from.

This spring season, purchase a bouquet of tulips for that special someone, and deliver them the happiness, that the spring season so greatly promises to bring.

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