• Ben Labra

Selfishness: A Thread

In a world where there is no choice but to come together, there is still an indescribable amount of selfishness plaguing it. We are swarmed with “self-care” and “being an individual.” But when is it too much? Where do we draw the line between self-care and selfishness?

Creating a world without true selfishness is impossible. At the end of the day, everyone has some form of a selfish mindset. They must, however, learn to make space for others more times than not. Everyone needs someone to lean on or rely on—someone who can brighten their day with a simple Gesture of a bouquet of beautiful florals.

Selflessness is where true love exists. Parents are known to be the most selfless with their children. They will do everything for their own without expecting anything in return. But how can we incorporate this love with strangers or simple acquaintances that might need our help? Education is where we must begin.

The media has drastically altered our perception of selflessness. There are those who do a good deed but feel the need to post it on social media to receive their own personal praise. In the end, making it a selfish act. This is not the way. There is no need for anyone to take a picture or video of themselves and post it on social media if they are genuinely serving someone else. The reason for posting anything on social media is to receive likes, comments, or retweets. They are either doing it to create awareness or to fuel their ego. Posting a video of you giving a homeless man food is not creating awareness, but rather showcasing how you are deemed a “good person.” These acts should be out of a genuine desire to help someone without needing a camera to make it official.

As a young girl, my father had always taught me how to be selfless. He did not tell me but rather showed me by having food drives, giving food to homeless people on the street, or giving away old clothes to the boys and girls club. We learn everything as children. We manifest how we are as humans while we are children. So, to see posts on social media of these kind acts by the person in the video to receive likes and comments only shows them how it benefits themselves. It doesn’t show them the authenticity of giving someone a handout of pure sincerity.

The line is where they begin to only think about how they can grow from their actions rather than how to simply help another grow. In the end, creating this new wave to help nurture yourself. When you tap into the mindset of servicing others for the sole purpose of them rather than you, your individual growth will come naturally. It feels good to do something for someone knowing that it will relieve them of stress or enhance their happiness for the day.

Focus on your health and your success. Strive to build your future and let no one stand in your way. However, do not let caring for others be a part of that. Learn to enjoy performing selfless acts to spread love through your community. Make it apart of your lifestyle. These acts can be as small as giving someone assistance with moving or giving someone a ride when they are in need. Reaching out to someone to say that you’re there if they need anything is another way you can lend a hand. If everyone cohesively learns how to be more considerate and less self-serving, society can truly frame a more peaceful world.

There is so much hate being taught, and we can see it in the recent events of this year. Help each other. Offer a hand to anyone and everyone. Even if they don’t seem to need it, just offering to spot them for lunch is enough.

Try sending someone a Gesture just because!

Read this food for thought about you can fight selfishness by using generosity as a weapon: Aggressive Generosity Combats Boomer Selfishness

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