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Seamless Valentine's Day Delivery!

You heard that right, Gesture has entered a new age of online shopping just in time for Valentine's Day! We know that Valentine's Day is about connecting with our loved ones and making relationships stronger. That's why users will no longer need a delivery address when sending a gift. As long as you have the person's Social Handle, phone number, or email address you're good to go. We know, it's crazy! But for real though, we got you covered this Valentine's Day.


Everyone knows just how important it is to nail everything on Valentine's Day and that's why we prioritize quick and seamless delivery. Ordering a Gesture can be done in just 5 clicks and with our new SmartSend the delivery process is just as fast! Our SmartSend delivery works by securing all of your personal info to your Social Handle when you create your account. This way you can keep your address, phone number, and name 100% confidential! Everyone can benefit from this! From those of you that love to surprise your significant other to those of you that are too shy to ask that one friend on a date, Gesture is here to help!

SmartSend also updates you throughout the entire shipping and delivery process too! This way you can spend more time decorating the bedroom with rose petals and candles. Our goal with SmartSend was to make life as easy as pie for our users and we believe we've done that.

So this Valentine's Day, take back control, and make sure your loved one get's their gift right on time! With SmartSend we're able to empower our users and give them total control of the entire gifting process.

Check out the Gesture App to find out more on SmartSend and to check out our unique Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day products!


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