• Ben Labra

Remember To Tell Someone You Love Them Today

In light of recent events, here at Gesture, we’d like to take moment to reflect on the importance of showing those you care for how much you love them.

Most of us walk through our everyday lives with the idea that, tomorrow is promised with all of our loved ones. I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “we always have tomorrow”, and so many people lean on this hopeful notion.

Though, as we have all learned throughout history, and in recent events over the weekend, time waits for no one. One moment you are here and the next, you could be gone. It can happen in the blink of an eye, and you or those around you can be left shattered.

Though these unfortunate events also bring up the real and raw emotions we have towards the ones in our lives. They help remind us all just how important it is for us to tell those we care for how much we really love them.

Though sometimes we may not know how to express to our loved ones how much we really care after these unexpected events. It is still important for you and those around you to acknowledge these feelings and share them in any way possible.

No, we aren’t saying you need to go all out and express your ever lasting love to someone just because the idea of tomorrow isn’t promised, but what you can do is something a little more simple, yet meaningful.

Simply by going up to those people in your life and thanking them for having an impact on your life can make major waves. Or maybe when you go to hug your loved ones, remember to actually embrace them. You can recognize the little moments you share everyday with someone, for those will be the ones you will look back on and cherish for a lifetime.

As you go about your day today, try and keep in mind those special people who are in your life. Remember the impact they’ve made in your day, week or in your life, and of course, remember to tell them you love them today.

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