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Protect Your Mental Health During Quarantine

April is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as for many people in the united states, it’s the first real month of quarantine for those of us who are nonessential workers since the COVID-19 outbreak.

For some, this new sense of at-home life is a breath of fresh air, a chance for them to live out their homebody dreams. But for others, this quarantine could take a major toll on their mental health.

While so many people talk about the benefits of mental health awareness, a lot of people have never had to cope with situations that would begin to deteriorate their mental stability. Some of us don’t even realize how bad things are until we find ourselves facing our worst behavioral traits, wondering how things even got this bad.

Coping With Quarantine

Though there is no such thing as a quick fix for anyone struggling with their mental health, there are ways we can help ourselves and those in our lives during these uncertain times by introducing healthy habits to help us cope with quarantine.

These habits are easier than you may think…

Staying In Touch

So you went from seeing people either everyday or a few times a week to complete isolation… Yikes.

We all know communication is the foundation to any relationship, so having the in-person portion of that can be a bit devastating. Especially when so many people rely on those weekly interactions to fulfill that need of, well, social interaction. Instead of falling into a lonely spell, why not keep in touch with those around you with some face time? Do you and your friends have Iphones? Or even any kind of smart device? Download any multitude of video chatting apps, like Zoom, Google Hangouts or go old school and use Skype. Try having a thirty-minute conversation with your loved ones at least twice a week. Update them on your day to day and vice versa, even if it is just talking about what you had for dinner, what show your binging or just a quick update on how things are going in your head.

Keep Your Brain Stimulated

Being bored can actually cause way more damage than we’d like to think. Being bored can lead you to feel like your day to day is unfulfilled and eventually lead you into some bad habits. Easiest way to keep yourself from being bored is to keep your self mentally stimulated. How? Well that’s entirely up to you. Introduce hobbies or activities that will make you use your noggin. Board games, puzzles, painting, sketching or even writing in a journal are great ways you can keep your brain stimulated.

If the idea of IRL stimulation isn’t an appealing idea try something a little more virtual. Open up your laptop or download a few mobile games that have a lot of problem solving functions.

Healing With Flowers

Ever heard of flower power? Well, you might be surprised by the fact that flowers can actually have healing benefits for your mind body and soul.

Some believe that when you are surrounded by florals, the bright colors and fresh smells flowers give off are enough to boost your mood. Still a bit skeptical? That’s OK, we can prove it.

Have you ever been the recipient of flowers? Or maybe you’ve been the one to give someone a beautiful bouquet. Remember that feeling you got when you saw the smile on that special someone’s face or the warm bubbling feeling you felt when you got the special surprise.

Flowers can invoke a natural feeling of positivity and joy, so why go against nature? Send yourself, a friend or loved one an uplifting Gesture to help fight the quarantine blues.

Do A “Check up From The Neck Up”

Our final tip on helping protect your mental health during these quarantine times would be to do a “check up from the neck up”.

What do we mean by that? Well, in layman’s terms, this is a mental evaluation for how you are doing in the current times. Take a good look at how you are doing right now. Do you feel yourself feeling sadder than usual? Keep note of your emotional development from day to day to see if you could potentially be spiraling. As mentioned earlier in this post, a lot of us may not notice the gradual deterioration of our mental state until it is too late.

Keeping tabs with yourself on the day to day can save you from a difficult climb back to the top.

If you believe you or someone you know may be struggling emotionally, or has concerns about their mental health, there are ways to get help. Use these resources to find help for you, a friend, or a family member.

National Institute of Mental Health



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