• Alyssa Roberts

Netflix and Chill? Take a Hike!

Adventure is on the horizon and with the Earth rotating faster on its axis, a YOLO moment is in store. Experiencing the fresh air, the untainted foliage, and the lick of the tongue's heat should not be reserved simply for a moment each week after prying oneself from the face of a computer or phone. Whether mountainous terrain preceding gorgeous flowing waterfalls or tepid hills and rivers intertwining, hiking brings to life the forgotten wisdom and tranquility of this voluptuous planet.

Millennials and Gen-Z are the healthiest generation thus far, prioritizing wellness through nutritious foods, exercise, and the much needed mental health days. Therefore, it is no major surprise that hiking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities. The value of hiking is rather subjective but many hikers, older and younger generations alike, feel a mindfulness awakening in their senses. Many perceive the planet differently from the past, believing strongly in their responsibility to preserve it. Social media has deeply affected how we socialize both positively and negatively. It can bring about FOMO, body dysmorphia, and varying degrees of insecurity and addiction, but it can also bring awareness to the beauty of Earth. The rise in hiking could partially be attributed to the popularity of these apps. This is wonderful considering the other benefits of hiking include: lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and sugar levels, boost in bone density, improved balance, core strength, reduction of anxiety, arthritis and osteoporosis, and more! Hiking energizes both your spirit and your body.

Here are several enjoyable hikes for beginners, intermediate and advanced hikers:

  • Black River Trail, New Jersey (NJ citizens with 1-2 doses of any vaccine are entitled to a vax pass allowing free visitation to any State Park)

  • Jordan Pond Path, Maine

  • Glaciers Point, Yosemite National Park, California

  • Bear Mountain Loop Trail, New York

  • Santa Elena Canyon Trail, Texas

  • The Highline Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana

  • Chautauqua Trail, Chautauqua Park, Colorado

  • Nugget Falls Trail, Tongass National Forest, Alaska

  • Kalalau Trail, Ha’ena State Park, Hawai’i

Long and winding or short and sweet, send your hiking buddies an appreciative Gesture today!


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