• Alyssa Roberts

National Purple Heart Day: A Day of Honor

It’s August seventh and while to many it’s just another weekend in 2021, to the friends and family of American soldiers wounded or killed in action, it is a day of recognition. It is a day of honor. While the military Purple Heart medal has some rather unique qualifications, this national day is meant for every soldier no matter the size or shape of their sacrifice.

Historically, the Purple Heart Medal was created in 1782 by George Washington using a purple cloth heart and presented to members of service who were wounded or killed due to enemy action. Since then, more than 1.8 million Purple Heart Medals have been awarded. Prior to Washington’s military merit, the U.S. Continental Congress gave three soldiers the “Fidelity Medallion,” and because the medallion was never again granted, Washington created the Purple Heart Medal. William Brown and Elijah Churchill were the first to receive a Purple Heart. Hmm..Elijah Churchill, sound familiar?

National Purple Heart Day first came to fruition in 2014 though the National Purple Heart Foundation was created in 1957. Regardless of Purple Heart Day being a national holiday as far as the National Day Calendar goes, it is not observed by businesses nor government offices, therefore it is not an official holiday. Fortunately, states, counties, cities, sports teams, and various entertainment organizations do pause for a moment of silence on this day and many raise their flags in honor. This is only a small sampling of both National Purple Heart Day’s history and accompanying activities.

National Purple Heart Day is a day of remembrance. If you have a family member, friend or acquaintance who sacrificed themselves for the betterment of the world, honor them. Sending a Gesture to a soldier and/or their loved ones is as simple as a few taps. This is a small thank you for a big sacrifice.

Thank you for your service, U.S Veterans past and present.


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