• Alyssa Roberts

National Clean Beauty Day July 15th 2021

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this stops no one from trying to enhance their outer appearance. This isn’t such a bad thing by any means; self care is important for your insides and outsides. Millions of people rely on their favorite products to bring them a happier and healthier life. National Clean Beauty Day is all about this, but instead it specifically celebrates the products that truly represent wellness. For decades, large corporations have fed consumers lies, stating their creation yields faster results with safer ingredients. Many of our favorite brands profit from ignorance and naivety.

Juice Beauty, founded 15 years ago by Karen Behnke, was created as a means to introduce safer and more holistic beauty products. Behnke spent many years in the fitness and nutrition industry, never thinking twice about her cosmetic products. That is until she became more aware due to her pregnancy and thus the birth of Juice Beauty (and her child). Juice Beauty has an animal, human and planet friendly formula with a base of vitamin rich, organic, botanical juices as opposed to the conventional petroleum base.

National Clean Beauty Day aims to educate on conscious consumption - particularly cosmetics and skin care. Additionally, it influences consumers to adopt more Earth-friendly practices. Natural products are better for you and better for the planet. Understandably so, most organic goods are beyond the average person’s budget. Start your clean beauty journey by implementing one new organic product at a time. It’s a lot like taking the process day by day!

Here are some highly ranked and budget friendly cosmetics that will change your life:

  • Avalon Organics: Vegan, cruelty free, using certified organic materials to skin care, hair care, bath and beauty products that use rich botanicals to avoid the effects of chemical absorption. One of the more accessible and inexpensive natural brands on this list.

  • Cocokind: Cruelty free, gluten free skin care brand with certified organic ingredients that gives back to the community. Fewer options to choose from, but great none-the-less.

  • Abnormal Beauty Company: Vegan, cruelty, paraben and sulfate free brand better known as The Ordinary. They have 29 different acids, oils and retinoids alongside a makeup range. My go-to skin care brand and highly recommended.

  • 100% Pure: Vegan, cruelty free, USDA certified organic paraben and sulfate free brand with a large range beginning with cleansers and serums, ending with hair care and makeup. Save up to 70% off at their semi-annual sale! The most expensive brand on the list with the largest variety of products.

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