• Fayek Chowdhury

Men Love Flowers

Everybody loves to receive flowers, and men are no exception! Flowers hold sentimental value, as they show our deep connection with the recipient. Flower gifting is a common practice in today’s society, where we use flowers to express our love, friendships, or our appreciation.

Why Should You Gift Flowers to Men

When you give flowers to a woman, it is motivated with earnest emotions to brighten her day or make her smile. It is the thought that counts and men are no exception to that rule. If there is a special man in your life, make his day just as special by sending flowers!

What Type of Flowers to Get for a Man

Men typically prefer darker shades of flowers over pastel colors in a bouquet. A group of flowers with orchids, roses, or sunflowers, would make for a great bouquet.

When to Send Flowers

Flowers are great for celebrating accomplishments, supporting someone who may not be having the best day, or letting someone know you’re there for them! You can do all of these by sending flowers, right from our Gesture app!

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