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Make A Positive Impact While Working From Home

While we are all transitioning into working from home, it’s a nice sentiment to think that we’d all be a little more ecologically conscious, unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Technically we are all no longer taking public transportation, driving and or just cutting out our daily commute to work. Sure, that is all great for the planet, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that a major portion of our carbon foot prints are produced at home.

Now that a good portion of our days are spent at home, we are unconsciously creating more CO2 than we normally would! Granted, it’s not the worst emissions on record, but we should all keep in mind that even the smallest amount of change can make a major impact for the beautiful planet we live on!

So the question is, how can we make a positive impact on the planet while working from home? Lucky for you we’ve thought of some clever ways for you to cut down on your CO2 emissions while still being as efficient as possible in your new found at home work environment!

Flip the switch

This is one of those tips that is good for the planet and your wallet.

Flip the switch, like literally flip off your switches! During the day, we often forget that we have a natural source of light that we can use to our advantage. THE SUN. If it’s possible, open up your windows and let the sunshine light up your home!

Make the switch

So maybe you don’t have a south facing windows to help light up your place. No worries, you can still make the switch to a more eco friendly way to get some light in your life!

Swap out the bulbs in your home to more energy efficient L.E.D Bulbs! Not only will your space feel brighter but you’ll also be saving the planet! Yay you!

Practice your three R’s

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Keeping your waste low is a great way to ensure you’re keeping your carbon foot print in check. You may not think you’re making a ton of waste, but let’s look at that order history… look we can’t make you stop ordering yourselves bottles of wine from our app, but we can help you repurpose them!

How about before you go to throw away that empty glass bottle of wine, rinse it out and reuse it as a bottle for water.

Heck, Gesture yourself a grand mixed bouquet and use that empty bottle as a DIY vase! Not only are you saving the planet but you’re making your at home work desk look super cute. The possibilities are endless folks.

Spread the word

Our last tip on making a good impact on e planet while working from home is to spread the word. Start the conversation on how you and your teammates can make a difference.

Every change starts with you, and what you do. So make it count!

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