• Ben Labra

Love… A Work In Progress

Nowadays, seeing a healthy interracial relationship is the new normal. Yes, I get to say “new” because Loving v. Virginia was decided in 1967. Guess what ladies and gentlemen, that’s pretty recent. Meaning that our society houses people who lived during a time where falling in love and getting married was only legal if both parties identified as the same race and if not, their marriage did not received recognition by the state. Let that sink in… People do say that love makes you do crazy things but the same statement can apply to the lack of love.

Lack of love reveals itself through tragedy. All of these shootings that took place recently show that our society needs to re-establish a consistent sense of true humanity through love back into our daily lives. So… what is love? We all use this word so loosely nowadays but do we truly know what it means to love someone? Hmm..The dictionary says that love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” Here’s another crack at love, “a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone” Great so between these two definitions, love in other words is an intense but comforting feeling of affection.

Between all of the bomb threats, shootings and separation of families, I think that our society’s new year’s resolution should be to spread more love. Let’s start off with our children. So many children lack the resources or families needed to fully develop and move through life. Instead of limiting women’s choices for what they choose to do with their bodies, let’s take some time to make sure that all children who live in our society are taken care of. People are so quick to judge a woman for getting an abortion but do nothing to assist with children who are homeless.

Next, let’s deal with the adults of of society who believe in colorism, racism, and discrimination. At the end of the day, we are all human, we all have red blood pumping through our veins, and we all live on planet earth. Let’s treat each other with love and respect because all of these acts of violence and injustices are unnecessary for our biology. For too long we’ve allowed injustices based on race and fear of loosing power dictate how we treat each other. Let’s work to change that one gesture at a time.


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