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Looking For Your NYC Summer Adventure? Check Out These Amazing Places In The City!

Everyone loves the summer sun and the magical feeling it gives you. Everyone also loves New York City, and the with the summer sun already giving you a boost of happiness, NYC adds to that with the lingering urge to have an adventure. So we say, why not plan on making some epic memories while you’re here?

Wondering where exactly to go in the city to curate those epic summer adventures? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Bellow is a list of places here in NYC that we believe will help you make the most amazing and unforgettable summer memories.

Have A Picnic In Central Park.

If you’ve seen any New York movie, or anyone talking about New York in the summer, 99% of the time it has a story some where in there about Central Park. So what everyone is trying to say is, you need to go see this magnificent park for yourself. So, if you’re looking for something very summer-esk to do in the park, well, it’s simple, have a picnic. Pack some snacks, or grab some yummy food long the way to the park, and take in the scene of flourishing tree’s, people smiling and just the overall feeling of being there.

If you want to make your picnic even more special, we recommend sending a Gesture while you’re there! Pop a bottle of bubbles or sip on some wine to celebrate the coming of summer.

Go Swinging At The Jazz Age Lawn Party.

You’re in New York City, Jazz is kinda a thing here. So is the epic summer Jazz Age Lawn parties. Basically, you get to dress like you’re from the 1920’s and swing away into the smooth sounds of Jazz! They will have live performances and tons of activity booths for you to check out if dancing isn’t your thing. They’ll even have a live magic show. Come on, it doesn’t get any better than that.

General admission for the Jazz Age Lawn party in August starts at 45 dollars.

Go Kayaking On The Hudson.

Ok, how many people can say they have been kayaking in the Hudson River? Also, who knew that NYC even had this kind of epic attraction to offer? And that it was 100% free. Head over to Brooklyn to borrow a canoe and row yourself down the Hudson river line. Get there early to avoid any wait lines, since it is a free attraction, a lot of people want to get there and try it for themselves. We also 100% recommend that you belt out Billy Joel’s New York State Of Mind, but just edit your version to say Kayak instead of greyhound.

Ever Seen A Movie On A Roof Top?

A lot of people have gone to drive in movies, but how often do you get to see movies on the roof of a NYC building? Grab a date, some friends, or even go solo! Head down to midtown and into the Embassy suite’s rooftop bar for the movie showings. They play anything from Pretty Woman to 2018’s version of A Star Is Born! Grab your ticket’s from their website, but be quick because they sell out fast!

Whatever you do this summer here in NYC, we hope it brings you nothing but joy and that the memories will stay with you for the years to come.

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