• Ben Labra

Life After Graduation, What's Next?

You’ve turned the tassel, popped the champagne, and captured enough photos to last you a lifetime. The thrill of graduation may last you a few more weeks, until reality begins to kick in, and you ask yourself; What’s next? The slightest consideration of seeking job positions may seem daunting, and whether you are prepared to begin a full time career, is a whole other question in itself. We’ve listed some solutions to help keep you busy during your first few months as a college graduate.

Be Cautious

Quickly seeking employment, especially for “any” job, is not the smartest choice to make. You’ve worked hard for your degree, with the intention of earning a living wage within your field of speciality. Set aside a period of time each day, to apply to jobs that are of interest to you, especially the position that you are qualified for. Applying to job positions, as well as attending interviews, encompasses most time throughout your day. Triple check to ensure the job posting matches your skill set. This will save you time, and most importantly, physical and mental energy.


Especially if you are graduating from college, traveling to another country can be your “first” big trip. Maybe you’ve never traveled much when you were younger. This is the perfect opportunity to begin exploring other places. Your basic knowledge of various cultures will expand, and you may discover new friends and cities of interest. Do what makes you feel overjoyed! Sometimes, the simple pleasures in life are the most beautiful.

More ..School?

Some college graduates would rather not take a “gap” year, and continue to pursue a higher degree within their choice of studies. Other graduates prefer to take a year off from school, and catch up with their personal lives and interests. There is no right or wrong answer. Each individual progresses at their own pace, and will succeed when the timing is right.

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