• Rebecca Mackenzie

Let's Take Care of Our Health Care Workers

Picture this: you wake up and the sun hasn’t risen yet. You get ready and leave your house at the break of dawn to head to work. Once you arrive your day becomes unpredictable. Your job consists of putting yourself in life-threatening and unpredictable situations. You work gruesome, long, tiring hours and if you are lucky maybe after 12 or 16 or even more hours you will get to head home. Since March of 2020 this has been what life had looked like for Jasmin, a frontline healthcare worker, during these unprecedented times.

Jasmin’s birthday had rolled around and in order to protect others she had chosen to spend it with just her coworkers. Amanda, a good friend of Jasmin’s, decided to take matters into her own hands so she could be a part of her special day. She wanted to surprise Jasmin with a Gesture. She knew that it was guaranteed to arrive within an hour and that Jasmin would never see it coming. The Gesture was planned to arrive during the party but unfortunately had arrived after the party had ended. Amanda had contacted Gesture in regards to the late delivery and not only did they give her Gesture cash and a discount on her next order but also went above and beyond to support Jasmin. She has helped save countless lives. So Gesture wanted to thank her for her bravery during these times, and sent her a bouquet of flowers for everything she has done to protect everyone.

Jasmin fought hard for us so we could go back to living a normal life. Gesture believes that it is important to not only say thank you but show our gratitude as much as we can.

Healthcare workers put their lives at risk. It takes just one click to thank them.


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