• Fayek Chowdhury

Last-Minute Gifts

Time is running out and you are in need of a perfect gift for someone on your list. You are in a hurry and things might be stressful picking a last-minute gift. It’s ok, you are not alone. Take a deep breath, with Gesture’s on-demand delivery platform, making gifting a whole lot easier. Gesture offers a variety of gifts for you to choose from including:

Gesture Gift Card

Gesture offers an e-gift card that allows you to send personalized messages. Send them a gift card with a message that you care!


Flowers send a strong message without being verbal. Gesture offers bouquets of flowers from white to red roses, lilies, etc.


Who doesn’t love sweets? With Gesture, you can send cupcakes, chocolates and even a birthday cake.


This is a cheat but why not give someone a bottle of champagne or wine. It never leaves the shelf a perfect gift for the occasion.

With Gesture, you're never running out of time. Let us help you send a Gesture!


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Take your gifting to the next level by sending a Gesture for any occasion. We provide the fastest and simplest way of sending flowers, wine chocolates and more.

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