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Last Minute Activities for Mother’s Day

While Mother’s Day has been on the mind since May began, work hours and life may have intervened, distracting you from your original Mother’s Day plans. Do not fret- the following ideas are created for individuals just like yourself; so your mother can still enjoy her day to the fullest.

Last Minute Brunch?

Reserving time at a particular hotspot can be daunting, especially if it’s a last minute turn of events. If that’s the case, a cozy breakfast at a local diner or casual restaurant is just as tasty. The interior may not be as lavish as a popular brunch spot, but the food and valued company are just as important to your mother.

Home-Made Breakfast

Perhaps, you don’t quite have enough cash set aside to treat your mother for a bought breakfast. If that’s the case- time to unveil your cooking skills! Banana and chocolate chip pancakes are a simple and quick meal to attempt. The food website Genius Kitchen, provides a simple to follow recipe list, that will have your mom begging for a second plate; https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/chocolate-chip-banana-pancakes-152337.

Complementary Activities

The famous saying, “The best things in life are free”, are a daily reminder to appreciate the beauty and joy in people and experiences that don’t have monetary value attached to it. Has it been a while since your mother went out and experienced a new activity for herself? If so, consider the following as a Mother’s Day special outing! A botanical garden is most often open to the public. If admission requires a fee, the most you’ll pay is a set parking pass price. This is a good idea if the day consists of beautiful weather and an inclination to seek self fulfillment. Perhaps, a visit to the boardwalk on a beach or a quick road trip can also satisfy the needs of your mother. A small getaway may be exactly what she needs this upcoming holiday.


If breakfast or brunch isn’t exactly what your mother wants, don’t forget to consider sweets when evening comes around. A favorite dessert? Hotspot cafe? You can shift your focus towards treats, and still provide the same happiness for your mom. Perhaps, your mother enjoys baking and wouldn’t mind cultivating some gooey brownies or sugar cookies!

Always remember to give your mother a card and remind her that she is valued. If you haven’t already, check us out on the App and send her a Gesture today!


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