• Alyssa Roberts

It’s Father’s Day: Are You Ready?

Father’s Day is here and Gesture has everything you need to surprise a loving dad on this well-deserved holiday. Father’s Day is internationally celebrated, but the third Sunday of June is reserved by the United States and many of the other 111 observing countries. The holiday has existed for centuries within various Catholic European countries, but the first event leading to the June celebration was Sonora Smart’s honoring of her single veteran father at a YMCA in Spokane, Washington. The initial date was June 19, 1910 and the sweet sentiment has been cherished by millions, including us!

Father’s Day is important because we acknowledge their unconditional love and support. We remember those fathers and father-figures who sacrificed for their children, who motivated them to succeed in any endeavors and most importantly, those who never left their side when they needed them. Thank you to all the wonderful dads: who knows where we would be without you! International holidays like these are wonderful because each country, each culture observes them differently. Swedes celebrate Father’s Day in November with gifts, cake and breakfast in Bed which is somewhat similar to several of our own traditions. However, in Mexico, Dia del Padre, involves a 21-kilometer race (13 mi.) in Mexico City as well as grand fiestas. What a day! Nepalese traditions involve various religious ceremonies, including Gokarna Aunsi, during the late summer. They spend valued time with their fathers, presenting them with food, gifts and prayers. Visits to the holy place, Gokarna, are common in performing rituals for deceased fathers. In the United States, celebrations are less official and depend largely on the individual or family. It ranges from large gatherings with food, drinks and presents to simple phone calls or cards.

Not sure what to do this Father’s Day? Celebrate with us and send a Gesture! Sunday June 20, 2021


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