• Alyssa Roberts

International Family Day via Gesture

Whether it’s a tightly knit friend group or blood relatives, family comes in all shapes and forms. So, it absolutely goes without saying that your family should always get the appreciation they deserve. This is what family day happens to be all about coincidentally, putting the spotlight on the ones we love on this specific day. And no matter if they’re currently around you or on the other side of town, Gesture will show you how exactly that appreciation can be easily displayed.

International Family Day is celebrated on May 15th. Family Day is a celebration of those who make our lives meaningful, emphasis on ‘those’ as the family doesn't necessarily need to be your biological relatives, but can range from anyone in your life growing on the same family tree. The scientific study of family started in the late 19th century and eventually made its way over to the lens of sociology studies in the 1960’s, where social scientists concluded that the family structure played an essential role in healthy development, boosting processing trauma and elevating one's self esteem.

With that being said, it’s plain to see that family is an imperative social structure for people around the world, and it certainly makes sense to devote a day to appreciating and engaging with the important people in our lives. Presenting your loved ones with gifts is definitely a way to express that sense of gratitude. Especially since it isn’t a federal holiday (meaning no day off), you can make it extra special by sending a sweet yet convenient Gesture of their choice. Giving them that sense of appreciation, satisfaction and approval, no matter where they are. So send your Family a Gesture!


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