• Alyssa Roberts

I See A Rule Breaker - Is That You??

Gifting is simple, we give to those we appreciate and show our gratitude. But what if there were more to it? An elaborate system of rules that dictates a sort of hierarchy when gift giving? Well, that’s exactly what the “5 Gift Rule” is, the art of casual gift giving carries a lot more to its procedures than it seems. But do you always have to follow the rules? Here’s a breakdown of gifting unspoken rules.

The idea behind the 5 gift rule is this: giving something the intended receiver wants (or doesn’t know they want), something they need, something to share, something to read then lastly, something to show you care. (The first 4 rules being interchangeable of-course) There is a method to the madness, though. When taking on the endeavor of buying gifts this way, it’s highly suggested that you start out by buying 4 gifts. The idea is that the buildup of appreciation will be a lot stronger when the 5th gift, acting almost as an X-factor, comes into -- the “present”

All in all, the 5 gift rule may seem viable in terms of knocking out a makeshift checklist of gifts. But, is the idea of self reassurance in the facade of a cherry on top of a pile of likely unwanted gifts worth the trade of the heart and soul put into picking that one right gift? High chances are, the right choice in gift giving needs no more than simply listening to the things that interest that special someone, and the suitable gift would lie in a simple gesture of affection.

Break the rules!!

Don't overthink sending a gift - just send a Gesture!


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