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How Your Company Can Prepare for 2020

Welcome to the new decade and the new year! You’ve got a clean slate and it’s the perfect time for you to gear up on what you want for your business! Though the question is, how can you prepare your team for 2020?

Continue Building On Your Company’s Core Values

Remember how we talked about creating your company’s purpose in order to build out your company core values? Well now is the time to review over those core values and really hone in on how they are beneficial to your team! Below we listed a few key core values for you to consider taking on for the new year.

  1. Empower individuals

  2. Good work takes time

  3. Optimize towards ideals

Create Realistic Goals For Your Teams

Are you focused on getting your team ready for any challenging goals this new quarter? While you are sorting through your ideas, wishes and goals for your tea, keep this bit in mind.

While you’re all building up your list of goals to hit this year, look back at your previous quarters. What was it about those goals that made your team successful. How can you take those wins into this year?

While focusing on your success is a great way to see your strengths as a team, take sometime to also process the losses. Those are your greatest learning moments to see where it is your team may be struggling, and how you can develop new and innovative ideas to improve this year!

Create A Thoughtful Space For Your Team

Creativity in the work space

Allowing your employee’s to make their work spaces their own really is a thoughtful gesture. Customization of decorations, certain electronics used for work or even bringing in more ergonomic items like chairs or desks really allows your employee’s to feel like the space is their own.

Do a check up from the neck up

Checking in with your employee’s daily needs can make a major difference in the work space atmosphere. A lot of the times your employee’s may feel like they are allowed to fall through the cracks, which can really bring down their morale.

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