• Alyssa Roberts

How to deliver flower orders from my flower shop?

Flowers are a classic gift and there are few who may not appreciate this Gesture (that’s okay, we all like different things!), but so much is underestimated about growing, preserving and gifting flowers -- including the delivery. Flowers require more care than the average item, especially with their fragile satin petals and stiffened stems: one misstep results in the fatal crunch of a bouquet. Timing is important for flowers, specifically those arranged without a vase but instead tied with string and wrapped in premium cellophane. These flowers may be freshly watered and picked but the longer they linger and dry, the more they wilt.

The proper handling of bouquets requires quite a few steps beginning with the florist and ending with safe transport of the driver. Gesture ensures the correct care in receiving the flowers and delivering them promptly:

  • First, a florist has to arrange the bouquet, making sure to choose flowers that the recipient prefers and is not allergic to -- hopefully specified!

  • A wider bouquet should be placed horizontally in a rectangular cardboard box, with wiggle room, of course. It’s best for all bouquets, whether placed within vases or plastic wrapping, to be placed within an altered cardboard box so they are not subject to the motion of the car. This box must be placed on the floor of the car to keep the center of gravity low and the conditioning prime.

  • Narrow boutiques could be placed in a bucket with few towels inside to prevent movement on the floor or buckled to a seat.

  • The driver should brake slowly and turn wide with the risk of damaged flowers in mind. Otherwise, the thought and care the florist put into this arrangement is hindered.

Gesture understands the immense amount of work it requires a florist to make an arrangement, and how to deliver these fragile beauties. This post details only a fraction of what florists do. Our G-runners acknowledge the importance of preserving flowers out of respect for the giver, recipient and the florist.

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