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How To Create A More Thoughtful Work Space

Beginning To Create A Thoughtful Space.

The idea behind a more thoughtful work space hails from the need of wanting your employees to feel like they are seen and cared for. The best way you can show your teams that you are there for them is to show them a space that is always looking out for their safety be it physically or even mentally.

Respecting Your Peer’s Boundaries.

Boundaries span much further than just keeping an arms length away from any one individual. People’s boundaries can vary from physical space to emotional or triggering lines they do not want crossed. Understand that there needs be an appropriate guideline as to what is or is not OK to bring up in the work place.

Topics like politics, sexual orientation or even personal information about each individual should be kept to a minimum or left to be discussed not on company time. Though it is not always possible to completely avoid these kinds of conversations in the work place, ensure that if they do take place, that all involved feel comfortable and OK with what is being discussed.

When possible, remind those having these conversations that they are best had during more appropriate settings outside of work.

Make Sure You Hear Your Employee’s Requests.

Checking in with your employee’s daily needs can make a major difference in the work space atmosphere. A lot of the times your employee’s may feel like they are allowed to fall through the cracks, which can really bring down their morale. Take in requests for improvements that can be made in the office, or suggestions on what can be added to the teams to improve the overall morale.

Along with taking in requests and making changes, keeping clear communication between you and your employee’s will create an environment where everyone is comfortable.

Checking in with your newly implemented changes shows your employee’s that you are serious about their well being.

Creating A Space For Everyone.

Allowing your employee’s to make their work spaces their own really is a thoughtful gesture. Customization of decorations, certain electronics used for work or even bringing in more ergonomic items like chairs or desks really allows your employee’s to feel like the space is their own.

With having the freedom to have their work space be unique to their needs, keep in mind that security at the end of the day, is the key to creating a thoughtful work space.

With more and more changes emerging with how people identify be it their gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Ensuring the people who are working in the space you have provided is free from judgment or harassment, allows those in your space to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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